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Hey hon .. you have a lot going on, don't be so hard on yourself, write when you can, we all understand how life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. ;o)

I am glad you guys and Baby [Equipoise] are doing good.

I'm so glad all 3 of you are okay! I love you all, feel better!!

how scary! glad to hear that you all are okay.
happy new year!

I am so thankful that you all are well.

Hey there! Thanks for getting in touch, Again, I'm so excited to hear about your little bean, and very sorry about the accident orderal. So happy the littly is okay, I'm not surprised you got such a fright, I would have too. Look after yourselves, the time will start to fly now! x

Ooops, I meant "ordeal"

are you serious! i'm going to call you.

OMG! You poor thing. That must have been absolutely terrifying for you both! How awful, and worrying... but everything is okay with baby - and you two are okay, and it's alllll OK.

I'm so glad!

Do me a favour... I know you and Love may both feel fine now, but I was in an accident about 6 years ago, and came out of it with a few minor bumbs and bruises, and left it at that. 2 years later I put my back out (after never having trouble before), and spent the next 3 years at osteopaths trying to fix my skewiff skeleton... Turns out the force of the impact had pushed things out a little, and because I didn't get them adjusted back soon after the accident, my body got used to it being all crooked, and 2 year down the track had gotten much worse and started to feel the effects of it. And I thought I was completely fine until then. I still have to go back now and then to see to all the other things that it effected (hip, knee, ankle...). If someone had recommended to me to get checked out by a physio, or a chiro or an osteo, (knowing what I know now), I definitely would have!

How scary. That was my worst fear when my wife was pregnant. It's amazing how safe cars are now.

Glad everyone was okay.

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