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Wow! amazingly, we are going thru the same feelings in our lives, although mine involves school and yours involves work. I agree with you. I too have learned many things these past few months about dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed. I too try and take it one step at a time, little by little--I have learned if I let it consume me--if I allow myself to think about all those things I need to get done--I go crazy. I become unstable and ironically I cannot find "equipoise"--balance. The best and most important thing is to honestly take some time for yourself. Do things you love and are passionate about. Reward yourself for your hard work. That's the only way I deal with it. Not sure if it works 100% of the time, but I try. That's what it's all about--growing and learning, right?! :) Love ya!

All of your words are words we should live by. i always find that when I am productive at work I am more productive at home and happier in life.

lol - when I am overwhelmed? HA HA what I do wont help you much. I get a BIG bottle of wine and sit in my chair and drink till its ALLL gone. usually in there at some point I laguh, cry and think shit out and VWOLA, tomorrow is a better day.


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