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I start thinking about Christmas right after the 4th of July. I really do. Every year. And I love the decorations, even though they come too early, they never stay late, and they're always more shiny than ordinary. I usually don't start my own decorating until Tree Day, which is the day after Thanksgiving at my house and quite possibly the very most important holiday of the year.

Don't you guys have Thanksgiving first?

I'm a Christmas freak! I LOVE it and yes, secretly I want to put up my tree today. But I won't because it IS too early, we still have Thanksgiving! If only November could be one week long... the week of Thanksgiving and then it would be Christmas time!

AHHHHH!!! Oh how I can't stand it! It needs to wait until at least December 1st. I hate it all. I know that I am such a Grinch but I would take any holiday over Christmas!!! The only thing that I like about Christmas is the music! Sorry I am such a grump!

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