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Yay! I'm SO glad the appointment went well, and I'm so happy you found a doctor who really cares and listens... let's get this thing going :)

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!!! OMG Sister I am on cloud nine, you just sound happier in your typing. I am so giving Dr. Wonderful 5 stars. I wonder why the other doctor didn't have you try the Clomid?? That would have seemed the logical route. Well I am with you .. GOODBYE OLD DOCTOR & HELLO ON HER WAY TO HAVING A BABY EQUIPOSIE!!!


yay! no, YAY!

happy to hear that all went well! that's great news. sounds like you're in good hands now.

You are going to be among the happily queasy before long...just watch! Clom!d works, by the way, I've got triplet nephews/niece to prove it.

That's terrific! Good to have a good dose of hope back in the recipe. Good on you for taking the step to seek a better doctor. Best of luck.

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