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I love the pictures! Thanks! :) And I agree, that picture of you and Love is fabulous. Who took that?! ;) some camera magic if you ask me... :)
Thanks for sharing them with me and for spending a great time with me on Friday! It was so much fun!

Well it does sound like an eventfull weekend ... you and Love look soo cute. I love the trees in the fall too. Hugs and Kisses my buddy.

You were right, that is a WAY cute pic of you two!!

I want a copy of that picture, what a great picture of you two

Oh, my goodness! I haven't seen you since we were maybe 12?? I moved to Hawaii, and I can't believe that I found your blog!!! You look wonderful! Check out my blog and see if you remember me! Woodworth was my maiden name. Look forward to hearing from you! The blog is great, love the header!

haha, here's the link

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