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I've been that way with the piano too! I finally started waking up a half hour early so I can eat and have like 15 min to play, it's been such a good way to start my day (especially because I play hymns) and I've already seen a ton of improvement in like a month!

I'm so glad you've finally started doing all the things you've been putting off, you seem so much happier lately... it makes me glad :)

I love your new layout. I wish I had more time for writing...maybe if the homework allows, I will make time on Sundays to write more. I concur with what Ashley said--you seem much happier lately because your doing stuff you are passionate about. I think we lose a part of ourselves when we let that slip away. We were made to discover our talents and develop them. It encourages change and movement, and growth. Congrats! ;)

I wish I allowed more times for my crafts .. I am always seeing all these beatiful cards or scrapbook pages that I would love to take a stab at doing but I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS let something get in the way. I have been married 4 years and my wedding album isn't done, the baby is 2 and I haven't even started his album and I haven't made a hamd made card since MAY.

Also, I picked up the trumpet the other day and had a blas playing however I wish I could block out all the bad memories that come with that. I deal my problems in the box method (things that hurt me goes into a box in my brain and we don't open the box) and well the trumpet has long since been in one of those boxes. I wish I could keep it out long enough to make new memories with it ... someday maybe.

I'm glad your working out ... its amazing what working out the muscles do for the mental balance. HUGS

My dear friends, if you can try to find the time to give these things a smidgen of your day, I say do it! Because it will bring you so much joy! Rendie, you are awesome at the trumpet. It saddens me to hear that such terrible memories are attached to it. But I understand and I remember. If you can, I WOULD try to make new memories. Sexy choco, you are an awesome writer, I hope you do find some time to excercise that talent. You're life is crazy though, right now, so don't put on too much pressure. Miss Ashely, I'm glad to know you're playing again. Keep it up. I've realized I've lost so much of the knowledge I once had on piano and getting it back is hard. As always, I'm grateful for your support and insight into my life ladies. Love, Equipoise.

Yoga, writing, and running. I used to have these huge blocks of time that I could fill up anyway I chose. Now I have these little slivers of time that are gone before I even fully notice they've happened. Oh, and baths. Long hot baths, with books on cd playing in the background, so I could just close my eyes and soak. Which reminds me, books on cd while stuck in traffic make a nuisance into an excuse to listen.

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